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I once was lost…

“Today, if you are reading this and you have been marginalised, belittled, ostracised, or left out in the cold; if you have made mistakes, hurt others, or hurt yourself; if you have walked away from relationships, said harsh words, or behaved badly; if you are continually hijacked by inappropriate or disturbing thoughts, desires, or feelings; if you feel undeserving, a lack of self-worth, or that you are unlovable; then hear the message of Jesus β€” that God loves you, has come to you, and wants you to find your home in him.” Rev Gav, 2022

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Rev Gav | Jun 8

How can broken family relationships be restored?

If you have experienced angst in your family relationships then you are not alone. Jesus experienced angst in his family too.

Are our shadows welcome?

Should we leave our shadows at the church door or are we welcome to bring them with us?

What’s love got to do with it?

A religious teacher called Nicodemus tried to comprehend God’s rescue plan for humanity, and Jesus closed with these words (paraphrased), “Mate, it’s all about love.”

What does it mean to be baptised in the Spirit?

Love changes everything. It has the power to transform, and as God is love, so the Holy Spirit in our lives has the power to transform us and the world around us.


Rev Gav | Jun 8


Luke 2:8-14. First Jesus is born in an animal pen and now angels appear to shepherds?! What on earth is going on here?!


Luke 2:1-7. Jesus was born at night β€” into darkness, away from his home town, and into the discomfort of an animal shelter. What does this mean for us?


Luke 1:76-80. One of the greatest metaphors for Christ is as a light in the darkness β€” the darkness in the world, and the darkness in our own lives.


Luke 1:69-75. Trusting in the promises of God, especially when life is tough, is no easy thing to do, but trust is a decision of the mind and an act of will.
From our community…


Jun 8 19:03pm

Psalm 23

I was thinking about which Bible verse was the most used, or remembered. You must have your own favourite? In Junior Church we often use memory verses to help us. I still remember the first verse I learned as a small child: β€˜For God so loved the world that he…

Beautiful Broken

Rev Gav
A short poem by Rev Gav.

Tree Frogs

Helen Tyte
In the Rectory garden there lived a group of tree frogs. They spent their daytimes sleeping, but were very active…

Psalm 51 (1-17)

Rev Gav
Rev Gav’s rhyming version of Psalm 51. Please be aware that this content includes strong language that some might find…


Helen Tyte
An elderly Florida lady did her shopping and, upon returning to her car, found four young men in the act…


Tim Rogers
This is not my work but wanted to share. I believe it can be interpreted in so many ways -…
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