Aug 21

Sean Mc

A Boundless Space

In response to Gav’s insight this week about marginalisation, I have written a poem that reflects my thoughts about it.

In a world diverse, with colors bright,
Where love transcends the bounds of sight,
Let’s speak of a church that opens wide,
Embracing all, with hearts allied.

For love is boundless, knows no walls,
It’s in the echoes of each soul’s calls,
The LGBTQIA+ community’s grace,
Adds hues of love to our shared space.

No exclusion here, no judgment’s glare,
But open arms that show we care,
The church, a haven, warm and kind,
Where every seeker solace finds.

Let prejudice and bias cease,
And let acceptance be our masterpiece,
For differences are threads we weave,
In the tapestry of life, they leave.

Let us remember, teachings wise,
That love’s the essence that never dies,
Inclusive arms can mend and heal,
And deeper understanding reveal.

The LGBTQIA+ hearts that seek,
Are souls who’re strong, unique, and meek,
Their love, a gift, like any other,
A chance to embrace, to be a brother.

So let the church, with open doors,
Resound with love, break ancient mores,
A sanctuary where all can thrive,
In unity, compassion alive.

For in the end, love knows no bounds,
In every heart, acceptance resounds,
The church should lead, with love’s embrace,
A refuge for all, a boundless space.

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