Feb 2

Lisa-Dawn Johnston

A Promise Reminded

Today I prayed. From a place of sadness and loneliness. And belief.
I walked to my car, head down in thought; got in, fastened the seat belt, turned on the engine, and started to drive…all by rote… all while in my thoughts … I didn’t notice anything around me. As soon as I completed my right turn onto the driveway, I was met with this stunning view of a rainbow holding up the clouds! Rain drops gently tickled my face as I stopped and looked in awe… In this moment I felt that I received a message from God: I heard you. And I promise. My spirit lifted. In part from the beauty before me, and mainly from God’s presence. And God’s message. Thank you God. I believe. Look closely. There are two rainbows 🌈 God knows.

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