Sep 3

Sean Mc


In corners where pixels meet stained glass,
A modern sanctum, not of ages past,
A tapestry of voices, colors, creeds,
Inclusive church where all humanity interweaves.

Electric altars hum with fervent prayer,
A congregation diverse, no soul to spare,
Believers, seekers, doubters entwine,
In this mosaic of faith, a tapestry divine.

Gleaming screens and hymns anew,
Worship transcends the customary pew,
No borders constrain this sacred space,
All find solace in its open embrace.

Technology’s embrace, a modern psalm,
Streaming connections, a digital balm,
Forging bonds across the digital sea,
An all-encompassing sanctuary, bold and free.

No judgments cast on whom you love,
The Spirit’s grace descends from above,
In this church of love’s unending call,
Humanity gathers, united and tall.

For in Gods spirit we invoke,
In this all-inclusive church, a modern yoke,
A harmonious blend of old and new,
In the heart of diversity, our souls renew.

Rev Gav Oct 21 9:16am

Thanks for this Sean!

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