Feb 14

Sean Mc

God is for life, not just Valentines

In the vast expanse of the heavens above,
Where stars whisper tales of unfathomable love,
There lies a truth, steadfast and sure,
That God’s love for us, forever endures.

No earthly calendar, no marked occasion,
Can measure the depth of divine compassion.
For in every sunrise, in each breath we take,
God’s love surrounds us, never to forsake.

It’s in the gentle breeze that kisses our skin,
In the warmth of sunlight, where hope begins.
In the quiet whispers of the night’s embrace,
God’s love whispers softly, in every space.

Not confined to a day, nor bound by time,
God’s love is eternal, a sacred chime.
For in every moment, in each heartbeat’s song,
God’s love for us forever strong.

So let us not seek validation in a fleeting day,
For God’s love is with us, come what may.
In every sunrise, every breath we draw,
God’s love is the greatest gift of all.

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