Mar 31

Helen Tyte

Happy Easter!

As a child I was so excited for Easter because it brought with it lots of great things:

A break from school.
Usually a holiday in Wales with my parents and brother.
Daffodils in vases which made my mum smile every time she looked at them.
Slightly warmer weather if we were lucky (it was the UK, after all!)
AND chocolate!

I remember one Easter I was very restrained and I saved one of my chocolate eggs for weeks afterwards, gloating slightly once my little brother had eaten all of his and had nothing left. I would regularly check that my egg was still safely stored on the top shelf of the fridge. One day, a couple of weeks later, I could no longer bear it and decided to break it open and start eating it. DISASTER! My brother had been sneakily eating bits of the egg and had carefully hidden his crime by smoothing the foil back into shape so it looked whole. When I finally got around to eating it, there were only crumbs left!
Now I’m slightly older (!) and the real events of Easter are at the forefront of my mind: the last supper, Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, his arrest, Peter’s denial, Jesus’ trial, his crucifixion, burial and the triumph of his resurrection. So many events to think about, emotions spanning sadness, anger, frustration and finally joy and peace. This Easter Sunday I pray that all of us will look forward to Ascension Day and Pentecost with hope and peace.
Oh, and don’t worry, my brother hasn’t made it to Bermuda yet, so we did have lots of chocolate for our church’s Easter Bingo!

Lisa-Dawn Johnston Apr 1 9:24am

I think your brother would have had an Easter story of his own if he ninja ate my chocolate! And yes - it would have included
Betrayal - of me
Denial- that he ate my chocolate
Last Supper- his!
Crucifixion - or the the closest thing I could manage to it…
And resurrection- his - by paramedics. …
But eventually, we would have arrived at hope.. for next Easter, and Peace…