Nov 30

Rev Gav


My latest music composition is an expression of worship called Shimmer.

Back in the early 1990s I bought a rack-mount synthesiser called the Roland JD-990. I was scanning the preset patches and came across one called ‘Thong Shimmer’ (no naughty puns intended!) I loved the sound and came up with this simple tune that harks back to tracks such as ‘The Unknown Man’ by Vangelis (a favourite growing up). Before I sold the synth about ten years ago I must have recorded the bass line as I recently found it on an old hard drive. Unable to get the theme out of my head, I decided to make a recording and add it to an album of piano compositions. The resulting track, ‘Shimmer’ creates within me, feelings of hope and joy and I hope it does for you too.

Lisa-Dawn Johnston Dec 5 1:56am

Shimmer evokes many feelings and images within me…

If sparkling is a feeling and an adjective, then that’s often what I imagine  and feel when I listen to Shimmer….


happiness, hope, positivity, contentment….
Peace x

play on Gav…. Shimmer…

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