Apr 7

Helen Tyte


Nobody really knows the true origin of pretzels, and there are many theories lurking on the internet. One theory is that they were created in the 6th or 7th century and were originally made of only flour, water and salt, making them suitable to be eaten during Lent. Another theory is linked to an Italian monk who would give them as treats to children for having learned their prayers, the shape is said to look like arms folded in prayer. Later on the pretzel was used as a symbol of good luck at weddings, where the knotted shape reminded couples that they had ‘tied the knot’ and were now one.
These savoury treats can be soft and fluffy or hard and crunchy, and are loved across the world, especially in Germany and the US.
The shape reminded me of our Triune God, the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One God, yet three persons, each of whom is God, three joined together as one.
Who would have thought that the humble pretzel could give us so much to think about? Next time you eat pretzels, take a closer look and draw your own conclusions.

Lisa-Dawn Johnston Apr 8 13:22pm

I also see a heart. So now, whenever I look at a pretzel, I will think of a Triune God, remember to pray and smile that God is love. I will also think of the person who shared the story with me 🙏🏾
Just like how now I look at an American penny in a different and deeper way!

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