May 13

Rev Gav

Psalm 51 (1-17)

Rev Gav’s rhyming version of Psalm 51. Please be aware that this content includes strong language that some might find offensive!

Your love never fails, I’m beggin’ use your discretion 1
Don’t ration your compassion and erase my transgression

And have mercy on me, O God and begin
To wipe away my shit and cleanse me from my sin 2

For my fuckups are before me and I’m aware of my shite 3
It’s only you that I’ve wronged, committed crimes in your sight 4

So you’re right and justified, the law can be applied
You’re my judge and my juror, free to nail my backside

Backsliding since birth, no since I was conceived 5
Yet in that secret place there was something I received 6

And tho I’ve been hateful, no plateful of grateful
You gave me wisdom in the womb that you want me to be faithful

So reach me and bleach me and make me snow white 7
Shining with the brightness of a luminescent light

And let the sound of singing ring in my headphones
And let the bones you’ve crushed drive my speaker cones 8

Please deal with the dirt clinging to my shirt 9
Power wash my past and subvert my hurt

God convert my heart that it might be pure 10
And future-proof my spirit so it’s solid and secure

Don’t abandon this man and leave me alone 11
Or take your Holy Spirit from my whole life zone

I implore that you restore my joy at being saved 12
Keep my spirit engine ticking, may the road stay paved

Hey, then I’ll teach the fallen that your ways are true 13
And those drowning in their piss’ll turn back to you

Release me from the murderous guilt I feel 14
Ill from the sick deeds that I spill

Will you O God turn, save, and bless? 14
I’m spittin hip rhymes of your righteousness

So let me express and confess word plays 15
Raising lips to the mic to declare your praise

No you don’t want payment or I’d bring some cash 16
Flash my VISA debit card but to you it’s just trash

Mashed spirit, fessin guilt with a broken down heart 17
You won’t get tough and rebuff, time to make a fresh start

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