Jun 2

Helen Tyte

Tree Frogs

In the Rectory garden there lived a group of tree frogs. They spent their daytimes sleeping, but were very active once the sun went down. The people who lived in the house could hear their chorus of voices every evening, even though they had no idea what they were talking about.
One night the youngest tree frogs were gathered around the bottom of the tallest tree in the garden, all arguing about whether they could reach the top of the tree. They decided to have a competition, and see who would reach the top first. They gathered the older tree frogs together as their audience.
The older tree frogs were laughing at them, telling them that there was no way they would be able to get to the top. It was an awfully long way, and the young tree frogs only had short legs that were yet to develop real muscles for climbing.
The young tree frogs waited at the bottom of the tree for the queen tree frog to give the signal, then they were off!
As they made their way up the tree the young frogs could hear the shouts from those at the bottom:
“You’ll never make it!”
“It’s too far!”
“You are too small!”
“Your legs are weak!”
“Wait until you get bigger!”
Only one voice amongst the hundreds of voices was giving any encouragement.
One by one the tiny frogs gave up, turned around and climbed back down the tree. At the halfway point only four of the little frogs continued to climb.
Soon after they had passed halfway the frog who was trailing behind gave up, and climbed back down. This was still a great achievement and the queen tree frog was very impressed and wanted to know how this little frog had been able to achieve such a feat.
The little tree frog explained that she was hearing impaired, so she didn’t hear the shouts from the bottom telling her that she wouldn’t be able to manage the climb. Because she believed in herself, she was able to climb halfway to the top.
Soon after two more gave up climbing at the same time and climbed back down. They told the queen that they had made a pact, and had encouraged each other as far up the tree as they could. When one felt like giving up, the other urged them to keep going. When they were tired, they took turns to spur each other on. Because they believed in each other, they both got closer to the top.
The last little frog was triumphant! He made it all the way to the top, before turning around and climbing back down to where the queen was waiting for him. He told her that he was able to tune out the other voices, by concentrating on his father’s voice in the crowd, the only voice that was giving encouragement belonged to him. Because his dad believed in him and kept telling him he could do it, he got to the top.

If things are difficult for you right now, remember these four frogs. Tune out the negative voices and believe in yourself. Listen to those around you who are encouraging you. And most importantly, concentrate on your father in heaven, for he will always love, support and believe in you, and through God all things are possible.

Lisa-Dawn Johnston Jun 8 23:24pm


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