Oct 13

Rev Gav

Wilderness Hymn

When life’s long trail breeds barren wastes
Braced body ‘gainst the gale
When succour comfort’s far away
And legs begin to fail
When rocks fall strewn across the path
Yawning canyons either side
When life is weighed o’er every step
And risk in every stride

When darkness drapes in barren wastes
Mind stifled by the cold
Heed breathless echo from the rocks
Of hopes the ground ‘twould hold
These aching bones still stagger on
Walled fissures closing in
As choking chasms squeezed between
Raw stone opposing skin

Yet not in strength of blood or will
Does present life depend
Against the thund’rous weary toil
Prevailing hush ascends
The Spirit whispers “Courage friend,
He’s left you not alone.
The Light of God whose steps you trace
Will guide and lead you home.”

Sean Mc Oct 14 15:07pm

Such a wonderful poem, which I am sure many can take comfort from. Often times in life we feel we are in the wilderness and desperately seek that guiding light.

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