From Rev Gav

Jan 22 13:42pm

Responding to Lisa-Dawn Johnston:

That God was prepared to use an old couple tells me that we don’t “time out” when doing God’s work. It is never too late to be a messenger, and that all of us are of value, regardless of our…

This is so true. Often older people are dismissed when they have so much to offer — even just being themselves. I remember a 97 year old woman in a rest home I used to visit. Her hands were crippled with arthritis and a nurse would have to place a plastic beaker in her hands and she would use a straw to be able to drink. When I arrived one day, I asked her if she was all right. With a pained look she shook her head and said, “No.” I knelt down next to her wheelchair and held her hands as I mustered all the empathy and compassion I could for this old woman. As I knelt there, she beckoned for me to come closer and she whispered in my ear. “I’m half left!” It took me a moment (or three) to realise just how naughty she was being and we both burst out in laughter. Just brilliant! Here was I, visiting her to cheer her up and she cheered me up! What a blessing. x

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