Co-Missional Church

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Mar 10 8:58am

I agree…. And I understand both perspectives…. The beauty of the buildings is an homage to the original members… and to their reverence and love of God…. The building can feel like a sacred space…. Which it does for me… because of the experiences and connections that I associate with the building. And yet… I completely understand the millstone analogy… because of the costs of maintaining such a beautiful and aging structure… also recognising that like with everything , people’s tastes change… we understand that worship happens in our hearts first…. And so any place can be a place of worship…
What a gift to have a beautiful church building… and what a burden.. It needs love and commitment and money! All energies and resources that could be used to serve our communities….
I agree- we need vision, imagination and determination… and support, to redefine and redevelop our buildings to become the focal point and facility for multiple uses every day… not just for a few hours per week….