From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Feb 13 15:53pm

I loved reading this scripture through your lens. When I read this before, I commented that it was nice to see that we don’t age out of God’s purpose (or something like that). But your insight reminded me that God uses ordinary, doubting HUMANS…. US! And that is reassuring on many levels… because he deems us worthy, because he sees us, because we see that he is real!
And as for humour in the Bible? Absolutely it’s ok! It’s important! Humour is one of our many emotions- and since the others are certainly present in the Bible. So should humour! It should also be present because there is some heavy reading in the Bible, and the humour gives us comic relief and respite. Humour is also an effective teacher. Three of my Favourite laugh out loud moments in the Bible:

1. When Moses comes down from the mountain with the 10 commandments and sees the Israelites partying and worshipping the golden calf… Moses- “Aaron! WTF is going on (Moses flings down the tablets in anger) Aaron – “they gave me the gold…I threw it in the fire- and out came this bull calf ! 🐂 🤷🏽‍♂️

2. Jonah tried his best to outrun God- and after enduring all sorts of ordeals, he grudgingly delivers the prophecy- in 7 words!!! The equivalent of- “You wicked people are going to die!” Mic drop 🎤! I can see him strolling off stage left now 😅

3. The  disciples/brothers swindling people to do an exorcism…then being chased out of the house by the demon possessed man who gave all of them a beat down they wouldn’t soon forget! – they escaped buck naked, terrified, running for their lives… that demon tore their a&@$$ up!🤣

bottom line… I remember those stories and their messages because of the humour.
Thanks for making me laugh today! 🤭