Do we have God-given authority?

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Sep 5 3:02am

This may be a controversial statement…. But I think that God puts too much faith and choice in our hands. We are broken humans… we are going to get it wrong LOADS of times.

I try to understand this. People get hurt when we get it wrong…

I’m trying to understand that for God, it is important for us to have the choice… I guess.
So for this, I pray that the Holy Spirit guides my head and my heart, to help me to decide and to choose to welcome everyone… even when I feel triggered and hurt by doing so! 😅in other words, not just when it feels “good” for me…

I have had this struggle… but through prayer and internal debate, I became aware that either everyone is welcome, or none of us are… and if everyone is welcome, then I must welcome them too.

And in that experience I have felt transformed…over time. But it was close….

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