How do we stand with the marginalised?

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Sep 5 2:48am

This has been a tough subject for me. Because I believe that every single one of us has been created as God created us… but there are sections in the Bible that use awful words like abomination…

And then here you come, Gav, with such a sensible, overarching Brilliant message.

I had tears…
Your message is one of such love and compassion and such thought, and consideration and commitment to Jesus’ message, that makes it valid in my thoughts and in my heart.
Because what you wrote and are saying.. make sense… Jesus loves all of us… we are all welcome!
For me, you took the “noise” of the many voices in the Bible, and silenced/ turned down the volume on all the static and squelching, and tuned in to the one voice of God… that of his son, Jesus.

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