How does it all end and what difference does it make?

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Jan 30 15:06pm

Absolutely beautiful and touching. I love the notion of living the future now! And “to wipe the tears from the eyes of people”…. “To be joyful bringers of peace and encouragement…and to connect with God, through nature and the sea..” This is such loving, lovely imagery! Poetry that grows love and hope and purpose in my heart.

“God and humans were together in the beginning…and will be in the future”…I get such reassurance from that thought! Thank you Gav

These are my takeaways. And my building blocks.
It is especially gratifying that you take Revelation… in all its terrifying and “out there” visions and ably decode, and de-mystify it by explaining the context and symbolism, and draw the connections to other scriptures and thereby reduce the anxiety for me.

BTW- I just learned that the first song of praise  in the Bible is called Song of the Seas!! (In Exodus)