Is it okay to doubt?

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Apr 8 13:14pm

Doubting and questioning my faith is an integral part of my faith. And for me very important. Asking questions, discussing, learning, listening, reading, watching and praying have all helped me to believe and deepen my faith. Someone once said blind faith is built on nothing. Yup. And I heard someone say that we can’t “prove anything “, but we can see evidence of things. That’s what my doubting and questioning leads me to. That’s what the four gospels are too- corroborated evidence… (but I digress)
As for the full meaning behind the story of Thomas: wow! Beautiful example of how Jesus knows us, and comes to seek for us one by one, leaving no one out. Even if he gathered many at one time, he will come back again just to reach us. Thank God for your insight and for your gift of communication that makes everything so understandable. Thank you for choosing to use God’s gifts to draw us closer to Him/Her. 🙏🏾