Why did Jesus die? Part 1: Reconciliation

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Sep 5 2:24am


Your message hit hard…. Because I could relate on a small human scale… when I saw another window.. of my own experience..… when I recall what I went through recently, experiencing devastating hurt, betrayal, tears, anguish, anger, distance, prayers for days, reaching out, mending… which is still a work in progress.. trying to forgive and to forget…. and wonder if I’ll ever trust again.

Looking at my minuscule experience illustrated how AMAZING God’s actions and sacrifices really are….
What I struggled to do with one or two people, God chose to do for all of us… in the entire world… for ALL of our sins… 🧎🏾‍♀️

How great is our God? I honestly can’t comprehend this! But am in awe of it!
If God can do this for the whole world, perhaps my prayers asking him to help me in my small world will be answered ..

And for now, I will thank God for his forgiveness, his love and his reconciliation 🙏🏽 x
And thank you, Gav, for sharing this first look from a window… and in part explaining why did Jesus die (for us).x

God bless x

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