Why did Jesus die? Part 7. Participation (The Cost)

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Oct 23 7:38am

Brilliant message Gav…

That cost is so little and so great!!! Your message has me still in tears! I’m so far away from what God asks of me….. I’ve got some more praying to do… to ask God to lead -daily. To substitute my will for His- daily… to ask for forgiveness, for all the messes I make, for not trusting in him fully, and to ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me. From your message I understand that it’s not a one and done request… ask daily, ask often, and ask when I feel attacked.. even if it’s only by my own doubts and feelings of persecution. I’ve proven that I can’t do it on my own….🙏🏾

You are genius with words, Gav, to be able to do simply bypass the ego and intellect and reach heart level… where the transformation starts….

Thank you….

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