Why do I love the Bible?

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Jul 1 12:42pm

I hear you and am grateful for your explanation. Context is critical. And after reading the Bible – twice through the NT, and one and a half times through the OT (just finished 17 chapters in the OT, and still going)- I see more and more how the Bible points to Jesus and the gospel. “Scary God” is a struggle for me…. But the radical, loving message of gentle, compassionate Jesus is a comfort to me and I look forward to meeting Jesus again for my 3rd reading of the NT… and…. Wowww… one day Face to Face …. For eternity 🙏🏾
Your study, growth, understanding and sharing of the Bible through your publications, and one on one discussions, have been a God sent gift, which helped me to find my way back to God. Thank you.