Why do we need to listen to Jesus?

From Lisa-Dawn Johnston

Feb 13 15:20pm

This message…. Was wonderful and evocative!
Imagining Jesus comforting us, welcoming us… showing us pure, unconditional love, and gentleness, is so helpful, and so desirable. It comforted me from simply envisioning Jesus reaching out to me and showing me all of that love and compassion.

And in addition to that, having someone to trust in, who promises to be with us, to never leave us… priceless.  As I think about it, listening to Jesus is probably the only one I should be listening to….
….So much hurt in the world.
…So much heartache

….So many broken promises

….So many disappointments

Who else could we possibly trust..

And yet…. My struggle is that I feel disappointed by God too, because I’ve prayed, pleaded, cried out. My prayers have not been answered…

And I don’t think what I’ve asked for is outrageous. And even if they were, nothing is impossible for God.
I guess this is where faith is the rubber that meets the road.

Being disappointed that my prayers have not been answered is so painful. 😓


Believing that there is no God… staring into an abyss of meaninglessness… is unfathomable and unbearable.
And so I continue to step out in faith. Although I have been tempted to give up.
What’s the choice?

I know this doesn’t have an answer. Just expressing the dichotomy of my thoughts and feelings. And hope God is listening.